When we moved from the North to the South we learned very quickly what a change in latitude really means. Life is slower in the South and the world doesn’t revolve around what needs to be done. As we were building our new home studio I overheard one of the carpenters warn the other that here comes “Jump Yankee” with his clipboard. I had acquired a new nickname. I asked Bill, the carpenter, why they called me Jump Yankee and this is the story he told me:

“A man is standing on a bridge threatening to commit suicide.
The psychologist is trying her best to talk the man out of jumping
and to convince him that he has a reason to live. After hours of
negotiating she says that at least he should show some respect for
the Robert E. Lee Bridge. The man asks, “Who is Robert E. Lee?”
The psychologist replies, ‘JUMP YANKEE!"

The disagreements we had during the remaining construction were always followed by Bill smiling as he would say, “Jump Yankee.” So, welcome to JUMP YANKEE STUDIO! And in case you were wondering, our logo is a rendering of the real Robert E. Lee Memorial Bridge in Richmond, Virginia.

Ken Van Dyne
Ken Van Dyne is a sole proprietor with home studios in Cincinnati, Ohio and Norris, Tennessee. He began his career as a medical/surgical photographer at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. He then opened a wedding and portrait studio and followed with a commercial photography studio. A short list of clients includes Apple, AT&T, GM, NASA, PGA, Honda, Time Warner, and the Wexner Institute. Ken also taught photography classes for The Ohio State University Creative Arts Program. His photographs have been published in many books, magazines, and medical journals. His artwork has been included in juried shows for the last six consecutive years including 2018. Ken has a Bachelors of Science degree in Communications Education from The Ohio State University.

Photography is his passion and has never been his job...

Jump Yankee Studio